Is…..simply to start.

You can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.

– Jim Carrey


I am at a point in my life where I am not afraid of small things anymore. I am afraid of the big things but, I know on the other side of fear is a triumph. So I am ready to put myself in a position of discomfort, the possibility of awkward silences so that I can learn and you can learn with me.

I am not a writer, although I’ve been working on it.

I’ve not been the person with good grammar or someone who has the right words to describe the right thing but instead of waiting to master that, I’m just going to start and learn along the way.


What the hell are you talking about Becky?

Well. SUPER EXCITING! I’m glad you asked. I have been working on is a platform where I share inclusive and digestible blogs, podcasts and public forums informing and learning alongside the public about a range of topics. I will seek knowledge from people who have been directly impacted or hold the same mission of bringing that knowledge to the world. 


Why? You ask?

Bloody good question Tom! Growing up I rebelled against education, which pretty much led me to feel stupid and unempowered as an adult. I had this underlying belief that education was only for the wealthy which dictated my self-worth, how I spoke, who I interacted with, who I believe I could be with and how I expected my life to end up. I know now that I had put those limitations on myself. So now I want to use the modern-day channels that weren’t accessible to us 20 years ago, to get information into the ears of the people by breaking down overwhelming yet useful information in a way that can be taken on board and utilised. 

Its become so complicated and my goal is to make it easier and more enjoyable. Uncomfortable sometimes yes, but on the other side of fear is triumph so I’m willing. are you? 

How on earth will it work:

  • I will release thought-provoking and conversation-starting blogs
  • Then, based on the feedback, reaction and questions brought up by those blogs I will record podcasts with the appropriate guests. 
  • Followed by public forums as another means to provide key information on humans rights issues, current trends, and unheard conversation.
  • These are unbiased (as I possibly can while still being human and not a robot), inclusive discussions meant for the people who feel they are looking for more information, more discussion and conversation around subjects and issues that are facing us today that they haven’t previously felt comfortable discussing.

What topics will we be talking about?

We will open up and try and get a better understanding around subjects facing Australia today like….Diet culture, health and fitness trends, race, religion,  political views, sexuality pornography, dating in 2019, sports culture, being an athlete, class, education, science, medicine and everything in between.

What are you hoping for Becky?

Good question Tracey. I am hoping to open up and re-inspiring the childlike mind of asking questions that we don’t know the answers to. Showing that it is okay to not know but it’s not okay to claim ignorance when given the information. I see a world where people have access to information which makes them feel empowered in their decisions and creates thought-provoking conversations table talk.

Who am I looking at?

I’m looking at you, Amanda. Yep. And you Chris. I can see you over there Debbie.  The 24 – 40-year-old men and women who are looking to challenge the norm through the desire to acquire information in a simple, accessible and digestible format to create conversations in their life to feel empowered.

I feel like our education around some of these issues were skipped. While ‘the youngin’s’ these days seem like they are lacking some fundamental lessons, I feel as though we didn’t get the education around some of these issues in our time in the education system. Back in our day (yep we are there!), it was all Maths, English, Colonial History, General science with no question of the curriculum. 

But Becky, what do I do now?……

If you see me post a blog;
I would love feedback and discussion because I am still learning alongside all of you. 

I don’t know everything. None of us do. 

If you see a podcast,  share, listen and give feedback.

Share with friends who need it……and friends who don’t. haha

If you see an event that sparks your interest; COME!

Lastly. Take action now by starting a conversation today about something you have been too scared to talk about or better yet, let me know what topics you want to discuss and I’ll work on it. 

Yours sincerely….

Ya mate, Becky