Hey there you absolute dream boat!

I am Becky. A multifaceted, travelling photographer and fitness coach. My zest for life and passion for people inspire me to live out my dream of making this world as high vibe as humanly possible. I know that this world is filled with so many beautiful people and it is my mission capture that shine in them so they can share it with the universe!

How did I get into this field you ask??

Growing up my beautiful parents told me to do something you love and ‘you will never work a day in your life.’ That led me to find photography. A way to express myself by capturing the beauty in the world around me. That passion combined with the burning desire within me to do my part in making this world a better place led me into photo journalism.

Being from Southwest Western Australia, I was able to shoot everything from music festivals, bands, Ironman events, the Margaret River pro, Wine and food events such as the Gourmet Escape to shark attacks, car crashes, house fires and drug raids. After a while that polarity struck me with a moral dilema – was I truly doing good in the world? Or was I fueling the fire?

That led me to personal training where I saw the direct effect of enhancing someone’s life. I got hooked to that feeling.
However I still had that inkling feeling inside of me that I could do more. And that’s where we are now. Combining my passion for photography with my desire to enhance as many lives as possible and expand my reach as far and wide as possible so that now I only work with – people who help people.

My years of experience and natural honesty make me a firecracker to work with. I will butter you up to make you feel as confident, while also getting as many gorgeous shots as possible so YOU have more knowledge bombs to share with the world!
So dreamboats, hit me up and lets make some magic together!